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Why Baton Rouge is perfect for the Creative Class

When people think of creativity, they probably don’t think of Baton Rouge. What is surprising is that Baton Rouge is an incredibly creative place, it has even been dubbed the Creative Capital of the South, and is one of the best places for the Creative Class. What is the Creative Class you ask? Well, it is a socioeconomic theory. Richard Florida, a college professor in Canada has a theory about how the Creative Class is going to rise and conquer the economy. Some people think he is out of his mind, while others agree with him wholeheartedly. One thing that most people can agree on is that there is a certain group of people that is considered creative. Not just the people that live and breathe art, but also people who are creative in their careers and lifestyles, like teachers, engineers, lawyers, basically anyone that has to use creativity to solve real world problems. Florida believed that there is going to be a large boom in the Creative Class as society shifts from an industrial era to a more intellectual era. You’d be surprised at how conducive to creativity Baton Rouge truly is.

Baton Rouge is dubbed the Creative Capital of the South. Although this may be shocking to many people, it is not at all shocking to Baton Rouge residents is that it is a major hot spot in terms of creativity. The job market is strong, and a large percentage of those jobs are considered Creative Class jobs. Louisiana State University predicts that Baton Rouge will lead job creation in the state of Louisiana. Seeing as those jobs are mainly geared towards the creative thinker, Baton Rouge is a great opportunity for the type of people that make up the Creative Class.

Spanish Town is reason enough to move to Baton Rouge. It is the oldest neighborhood in the state, and it has a pretty interesting history. It was founded after two years after the Louisiana Purchase, but was not a part of the Louisiana Purchase. It was actually part of “West Florida” at the time, and its inhabitants did not like being under Spanish rule. So there was a revolt and it became part of the US in 1810. Ever since then Spanish Town has been the place to go if you are not a conventional homeowner. The neighborhood is listed in the US National Register of Historic Places, and the unofficial mascot is the plastic neon pink flamingo yard décor. It is the definition of a hodgepodge of people, but anyone that lives there will tell you all about the overwhelming sense of community that this community prides itself on. This is where the Creative Class goes to find not only a house, but a home.

If you have a creative mind in today’s times, you are not alone. The Creative Class is growing, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. In a time when jobs are hard to fine, and a job you like at that, sometimes you have to accept what you can get. Luckily in Baton Rouge you can have it all and then some.