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Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Next Move

It might sound like fun or a challenge to move by yourself without any help, but our Austin relocation services always tell our customers that this is a bad idea. Below are some reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your next move.

Stress Free

Hiring a professional mover, such as our Central Texas moving company, gives you a peace of mind knowing you will have someone helping you and taking care of your needs. Moving is stressful, and trying to cram everything into one car or one box is a nearly impossible feat. There is also so much that goes into planning a move by yourself, such as getting the proper equipment you need to move all your items. A bonus perk is knowing that our Austin relocation services can take care of all your moving needs, which allows you free time to get other things done before to move Austin.


Moving by yourself requires certain task that many do not have, such as knowing how to properly lift a box without straining your back or carrying big couches and other items down the stairs without tripping. Our Central Texas moving company has been trained on knowing the proper techniques to carry out the big stuff. You might think you got this, but you should think it through clearly. A DIY move can cost you more money in the long run when you are going to the hospital to take care of the hernia you just earned.


Rushing to move to Austin might cause certain items in your house to break or get lost on the move there. Hiring a professional moving company like our Austin movers gives you the peace of mind knowing EVERYTHING is covered by mover’s insurance. This means, an item that breaks will be covered by insurance and the money will be paid back to you. So, if you drop that expensive TV on your own, just know you will be going out and getting a new one out of your own funds. Always ask our Central Texas moving company what packages they have for insurance, because moving insurance can range from basic to full. Our Austin movers can talk with you before your move to decide which package is best for your items.


Our movers here at All My Sons have the experience you need to make your move a successful one. We have the experience needed to find any address needed for you new home. We can also pack up your items in a safe manner and do it quickly in the time crunch. Think before you DIY your next move, and contact us to answer any questions you might have