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Downsizing Before Moving to Austin

Take It or Trash It: Downsizing Before Moving to Austin

Getting ready to change cities and need to know where to begin when you’re ready to pack? The best place to start is by downsizing your belongings. It’s really easy to form attachments to things we have collected and ignored over the years when its time to move. Learn where to start with these tips and tricks to help while you’re downsizing before moving to Austin.


How to Know If You Need to Downsize Before Moving

It’s a good time to downsize when you are getting ready to move. Our Austin residential movers recommend leaving old belongings behind. This can really change the vibe of your new place. The key is to be able to manage what you’re moving easily­. The goal is to fit all of your belongings into one moving truck and start fresh in your new home with a clean slate. If your current home or apartment is overcrowded and begging to be decluttered, then it’s time to donate the things you’re no longer using and trashing the things that are damaged.


Downsize Wisely

Preparing to downsize can seem difficult at first. But, if you take an inventory of your belongings and assess what is needed for your new home or apartment, the process can be almost painless.

The best way to downsize before moving to Austin is to start with things like furniture, especially when you’re downsizing your space as well, like when moving from a house into an apartment. It is important to know the measurements of your new home as well as the furniture you’re moving so that you can determine what even fits and then decide what stays and what goes.

For any furniture your love but can’t make the move, you can put it into storage until you are ready to use it again. The local Austin movers of like All My Sons Moving & Storage offer storage units to house your belongings for as long as you need to.

For any furniture that you can live without, it’s a great idea to make a few extra bucks by selling it to a local consignment store or through an app. Alternatively, you can donate it to a friend in need or a local charity.


Decide What Makes the Cut

The best rule of thumb to follow for small things you are undecided about is the one-year rule. Essentially, if you have not worn an article of clothing or used an item in the course of an entire year, then it should be in the donate or trash pile. If you have used the item or worn that article of clothing during the year, go ahead and pack it. Don’t get rid of things you may need later on, though. Take the time to really assess each of your belongings before you decide what to with it.


Don’t Worry, It’s Replaceable

It's hard to decide you might need and what you won’t have use for later on, but remember that everything that isn’t coming with you can be replaced if it turns out you need it down the line. If you are having a hard time determining what you should keep and what you should get rid of, think about what you would want to save if a disaster occurred. If the item isn’t something you would want to save from a tornado, for example, then its something that can be added to the ‘Toss It’ pile. Additionally, if you are moving somewhere with a different climate, you can easily let go of several pieces in your seasonal wardrobe you probably won’t need as much anymore.

Some of your belongings are undoubtedly irreplaceable, particularly if they hold immense sentimental value. Smaller items such as photos and heirloom jewelry can easily fit into a container and stored safely. If there’s an antique piece of furniture or artwork that you simply cannot let go of might be trickier to accommodate, so storing it in a climate-controlled and secure facility might be the best solution in the meantime.


Downsizing Checklist

If you still don’t know where to begin downsizing before a move and everything seems important to you, our Austin movers suggest following these steps and asking yourself these questions on your downsizing checklist:

  1. Set aside the items that you’re undecided about; give yourself time to think about each of them.
  2. Make three piles: Take It, Toss It, Donate
  3. Review all the stuff you have in the garage or shed. Will you need all the tools or equipment in your new house?
  4. Sort through large items, such as appliances, and collections that take up a lot of space. Do you need every single piece in the collection or could you minimize your collection a bit by parting with some of them?
  5. Assess the furniture you have. Do you still like it? Will it fit in the new house the way you prefer?
  6. Go through everything in the kitchen; donate or toss duplicate items as well as cookware that no longer functions properly. If you have novelty appliances like a Sno-Cone machine, do you use it enough to warrant the space it occupies?
  7. Sort through your belongings in your bedroom and bathroom by section including the closet, drawers, the space under the bed, bathroom cabinets, linen closet, etc.
  8. Don’t forget other nooks and crannies throughout the house like the utility closet where miscellaneous items mysteriously end up or the junk drawer in the kitchen.


When you’re downsizing before moving to Austin, All My Sons Moving & Storage can help you make the right packing and storing decisions. Trust our professionals to carefully handle your belongings and ensure that your stored items are ready to be relocated when you are.


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