Rating 4.6

Thanks for the Commercial Move

All My Sons Moving & Storage Birmingham Review

Thank you All My Sons of Birmingham for the great help and assistance on my recent commercial move in Birmingham. My team of employees and I couldn’t have done this without your professional moving services. They’ve done a wonderful job, with such efficiency and strategy. Thanks to the local Birmingham movers, I was settled in my brand new office, along with all of our desks, copying machines, computers and other office furniture.
My neighbor recommended the local Birmingham moving specialists because she had use their moving services for her residential move into a three-bedroom condo apartment. She had talked about how reliable they were and fast they worked. So I decided to check them out online and read some information on their moving services to also make sure that they did commercial moves. Not only did they do them, they also provided long-distance moves as well as last-minute moves.

The Birmingham movers also provide a few articles on moving as well as the support and experience of a well-respected moving and storage company which made me feel good about the reputation of the place. When I called All My Sons of Birmingham, they helped me locate moving boxes and other packing supplies I would need to get my entire office ready for the move. So that definitely made things easier and I didn’t have to dispatch anyone of my employees in looking for boxes behind local supermarkets.

Anyhow, the commercial move experience went really well and everything was smooth. The Birmingham movers helped us assemble some our furniture and place it in the correct rooms for us. Our office was up and running in a few days and we didn’t lose any business because of how reliable the movers were.