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Tulsa Charity Spotlight: Educare Tulsa

Early education is essential to the development of young minds. With that belief, the state of Tulsa has created Tulsa Educare, Inc., which aims to give impoverished youth the opportunity to obtain a high-quality early education. In Tulsa County, nearly 50% of children age 5 and under live in low-income families. Most of these children also come from homes with working parents, so they rely on outside care and education.

The Tulsa movers that the children are the future of our existence, so giving them a high-quality education is of the utmost importance. Educare seeks to provide young children with the curriculum required to help them succeed in organized school systems once they are at the age to enroll in the standardized school system. Essentially, children are born learning, so to foster their pliable brains and instill them with values and rules at a young age is a vital part of their educational success in later years.

In Tulsa, the Educare system is comprised of top-notch philanthropists, professional educators, and school officials that understand the importance of outreach to at-risk youth. In addition to educational aid, the program also runs a health clinic on the University of Oklahoma campus designed to facilitate medical needs for the Educare pupils and their families.