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Local Police Give New Reason to Move to Memphis!
Massive decline in traffic citations as Memphis police protest recent pay cuts.

There has been a recent trend around Memphis which has surely made many local residents much happier to live here. Memphis area motorists have seen a massive decline in traffic citations issued by local police, a decline which began in July and which still continues. In protest to recent pay cuts, Memphis police officers have banded together with an apparent ‘no-ticket campaign’ which has resulted in more than 18,000 less issued traffic citations than the city’s average. For lead-foot drivers especially, moving to Memphis is –for now– very appealing! 

Considering the drop in revenue caused by the no-ticket protesting, your Memphis area moving company doesn’t expect the conflict between police and the city to last long before salaries are restored and area police feel incentive again to perform to the best of their ability again. 

Your Memphis area movers know that incentive goes a long way with all employees. Many local moving companies fail to recognize the importance of worker-incentive, however, which often results in movers working slowly and carelessly both as a form of protest and as a method for earning as much money as possible while on the clock. 

It is also common for moving companies in Memphis to not even have employees, but rather to rely on temporary workers or day-laborers to provide moving services to customers; workers with whom they have absolutely no relationship. Not only are many “movers” unmotivated to do a great job, many are not even experienced in moving furniture whatsoever!

Though the decline in traffic citations issued in Memphis have resulted in much welcomed stress relief among drivers, the dilemma is a clear example of why incentive for workers should always be considered a high priority.