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How to Restore Your Front Porch

Here in the South, front porches are a place where families relax and spend time together. What’s worse than a porch that has deteriorated and is avoided more than appreciated? Here at the Corpus Christi movers we want to help you get that front porch back into shape with a few tips on restoring your front porch.

One of the first things you’ll likely need to do is strip the old paint. To do this, you will need:

Behr Stain & Finish Remover

Foam Roller

Wire Brush

Tape/drop cloths

Strip away the old paint to achieve an even finish. Roll stain remover over the floor boards and wait 5-10 minutes before etching the boards with the wire brush. Use a hose to spray off excess dried paint and let it dry overnight.

For repainting the porch, you will need:

5 gallon bucket

4 gallons Restore paint

Paint stirre

Paint roller kit with grid

4 inch paint brush

Extension pole

Paper towels, painter’s tape, drop cloths

To paint the porch, pour about 1 gallon of Restore into the bucket and stir to an even consistency. Place the paint screen into the bucket and move the roller back and forth on the grid to remove excess. Roll the paint on the floor boards in one direction, moving right to left. Roll about 5 floorboards then smooth them out with a paint brush. Smoothing the paint is important to deter dirt and debris from collecting. Let paint sit 24 hours before applying second coat.